Dear Concerned Parent,

My name is Deb Ku and I am the Area Director for Club Z! Tutoring serving South Orange County. Our company has helped hundreds of students reach their academic goals in the past few years and have earned unparalleled customer satisfaction as you can see in the Testimonials section of our site.

Much like you, I am also a concerned parent when it comes to my kids education and academic success. With alarming failure rates at the school system and educational budget cuts – we should all be concerned.

Our company employs a rigorous process when it comes to hiring our Tutors. After all, our Tutors are charged with your child success. Every Tutor we hire is background-checked and is an accredited, accomplished education professional.

Your child’s academic success depends on many factors and our ‘job’ as a parent is to recognize when our child is struggling and needs help. Here are a few tell-tell signs of a struggling child:

  • Is your child resisting or unwilling to talk about school or school work?
  • Is your child showing lack of motivation or lack of confidence?
  • Does he/she lack enthusiasm or showing a defeatist attitude toward learning?
  • Any signs of hostility toward studying or homework?
  • Are they defensive and/or afraid of criticism?
  • Are they self-condeming? (“I’m stupid – I can’t do it.”)
  • Is your child showing anxiety, panic or withdrawl toward school and studying?
  • Have their grades been dropping?

These are some of the ways to identify an academically struggling child, and there are more. Identifying a struggling child earlier on can make a world of difference to their ability to recover from their difficulties and get back on a successful academic path.

What can parents do?

As a proactive and concerned parent, the first action is be mindful and alert to any of the signs above. If your child is showing any of these signs, there’s a good probability they need help in their studies.

Conference with their teacher and confirm your observations and concerns. If their teacher concurs with your concerns, then your child can greatly benefit from one-on-one in-home tutoring.

Does private in-home tutoring makes sense?

Consider these benefits:

  • Fewer distractions compared with a classroom setting
  • Since you are in control on who tutors your child you can ensure there’s a good match between tutor and child personalities and a complimentery teaching-learning style
  • You set the agenda – your private tutor can work on current homework, past tests or future curriculum – you decide!
  • Fresh perspective – your tutor will add a fresh perspective to what your child is learning. A different method of teaching may help your child in areas he’s struggling with
  • Catch up on missed curriculum. Sometimes your child will be struggling because they have not mastered some of the basic concepts holding them back from succeeding in the more advanced concepts. A good tutor will be able to identify what core concepts need to be reviewed and mastered
  • Safe environment to ask questions. Your child may not feel comfortable asking questions in a classroom setting for fear of looking “stupid”. Having a private tutor gives your child the opportunity to ask anything they want
  • Coverage. A private tutor is able to cover a lot of material in a short time and work at your child’s pace whether it is catch up, current work, or to get ahead
  • Help with homework. Many parents can not or do not have time to help with homework. A private tutor can give your child the tools he needs to complete his homework on his own.
  • Prepare for quizzes and exams
  • Handling attention span. Unlike a classroom setting, the tutor will be able to assess your child’s attention span and use different methods to re-engage your child to make the tutoring most effective.

Ok, a private tutor seems like a great idea – how do I select the right one?

Warning! not all tutors are born equal and selecting the right professional tutor for your child will make all the difference when it comes to improving their academic results. If you fail in selecting the right, pre-screened, experienced and professional tutor – your child can do even worse!

Your goal is to find a professional tutor who is an expert in the subject area and whose personality and teaching style are a good match with your child’s personality and learning style. The tutor’s qualifications are important: Either a degreed professional or credentialed teacher with tutoring/teaching experience in the subject your child needs tuotring.

Then there’s background screening. The tutor should have passed a criminal background and sexual predator check.

You’re probably thinking by now…”wow…this is a lot of work….how do I go about finding a tutor that is well screened, has the right experience in the right subject area, has a teaching style that matches my child’s learning style and personality, is available when my child is available and is close enough goegraphically to my home? …and you’d be right!

Help is here:


Welcome to ClubZ! of Orange County!

Your premier source for pre-screened, qualified, highly experienced and available in-home tutors for all subjects, Pre-K through Adult!

Our Experience. We are the largest in-home tutoring company in the world, with over 450 offices across the country. Club Z! has helped over 100,000 students achieve positive academic results.

Our Tutors. Certified teachers and degreed professionals with teaching/ tutoring experience. All of our tutors are pre-screened to verify credentials as well as background checked giving you the peace of mind of who is coming into your home. We match our tutors with your child based not only on academic subject but also personality and teaching/learning style.

School-Based Curriculum. Our tutors will design a customized program following your child’s school curriculum, instead of a pre-determined program many learning companies use that may not relate to your child’s current classwork. With your permission, our tutors will even conference with your child’s teacher to gain insight on areas of improvement.

Convenience of In-Home Tutoring. Parents save valuable time because tutors travel to your home. Your child will be learning in the environment that they are used to studying in and the parent will be able to connect with the tutor each session to discuss their child’s progress.

Subjects & Ages. We offer tutoring in all subjects (including Math, English, Science) for all ages from Pre-K through Adult. Some customized programs include Pre-Kindergarten Readiness, Standardized Test Preparation (SAT, ACT) and Study and Organizational Skills.

Affordable Rates. Club Z! offers affordable and competitive rates in the industry. Unlike many companies, we do not require a diagnostic test or a long term contract.

See what our parents say…

“My husband and I are thrilled with our experience with Club Z! In-Home Tutoring Services. We are impressed with the results we are seeing in our son’s Math and English scores and by the professionalism of the people in the Club Z! organization. The tutor assigned to our son is by far the best tutor we have ever had and is the perfect match for our son from a style and teaching standpoint.”

Corrine G.
Rancho Santa Margarita

“Club Z! has made a huge impact on our son’s self-esteem by giving him the knowledge and extra confidence he needed to master his math and science skills. We also appreciated the time saved and convenience of having the tutor come to our home. We would not hesitate to recommend Club Z! to anyone seeking a reliable, in-home tutoring service.”

Brian H.
Coto De Caza

“My daughter was struggling in her second year of Spanish, with barely a passing grade and not really understanding much of anything. She began tutoring with Club Z! in March and by the end of the May, her grade had improved dramatically. She understood enough to have a conversation in Spanish and she even got an A+ on an oral report she did without any help from the tutor. I would highly recommend Club Z! to anyone.”

Norma M.
Rancho Santa Margarita

“My daughter was very close to failing College Level Intermediate Algebra for the 2nd time. I wasn’t aware of this until 4 weeks before her final. In a panic, I called Club Z! and they (Deb) arranged an excellent , highly qualified tutor to start immediately and recommended a plan that would be most effective in achieving our goal. My daughter passed the course! I would highly recommend Club Z! based on their responsiveness and professionalism in developing a personalized program for my daughter.”

Suzanne M.
Laguna Niguel

“Club Z! was there for us when we really needed help. My son needed a tutor for an AP Calculus class, which is not easy to find. Club Z! responded immediately and provided an experienced, professional tutor. My son was able to achieve the success he needed. We will definitely use Club Z! for my daughter’s tutoring needs as she enters high school in the fall. Thank You Deb and Club Z!”

Julie L.
Coto De Caza

ClubZ! Testimonials

Dear Parent,


Deb again. We have helped over 500 students of all ages and across all subjects over the past few years, with outstanding results! Let us help your child!

Please don’t hesitate to call on me for a free consultation to discuss your child’s challenges and academic needs.

Free consultation Club Z

I look forward to hearing from you (Click here to Contact me) and assisting you with your child academic needs,


Deb Ku

ClubZ! of OC, Area Director

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