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Does your child hate to read? Is it a struggle every night to get them to read? Do they forget what they read? Maybe you tell yourself, it’s okay, everyone learns to read eventually. You are not alone! The first thing to understand is “Why is Reading so important”?  Studies have shown that reading for fun will make a positive impact to a child’s performance throughout school. Children that read for enjoyment daily will naturally perform better in reading but, more importantly, they will develop a broader vocabulary and increase their general knowledge and curiosity of learning. In fact, reading for pleasure is a better indicator of how well a child will do in school than their economic or social status.

Reading affects all subjects and all areas of life and is sometimes referred to as the gateway to all other knowledge. You must learn to read effectively and efficiently in order to do well in other subjects. It is common for children who do not like to read and struggle with comprehension to also struggle in other subjects. With the help of Club Z! reading tutors, students can become faster, stronger readers while building their confidence and increasing their test grades at the same time!

Club Z! Reading tutors are experienced and knowledgeable at helping students in elementary school, middle school, high school and college to address a variety of reading challenges:

 Letter & Word Recognition


Phonics and Word Pronunciation

Reading Comprehension & Retention

Reading Fluency

Vocabulary Development

Learning Disabilities

Reluctant readers

Our tutors are passionate in helping develop each student’s skills and confidence to set the right building blocks for current and future subjects.

Don’t let you child struggle with reading anymore! Every student can learn to read effectively with the right help and guidance. Club Z! has helped hundreds of Orange County students improve their reading skills resulting in higher grades, increased skill level and confidence. Get your child the reading help they need with a professional in-home Club Z! Reading tutor. Call today to schedule your free consultation (949)388-3222. 

My husband and I were so tired of “forcing” our son to do his nightly 20 minutes of reading and when he did read, we knew he wasn’t remembering anything. We let this go on for a couple years thinking that he will eventually like and remember what he reads. Wrong. He continued to fail his comprehension tests. With the help of a Club Z tutor, we were all given tools to help our son with his reading. The tutor worked with him to increase his fluency and comprehension and showed us ways to support and help him. He still doesn’t love reading but at least we know he is building the right skills so he will be successful in school.  Thank you!

Beth H.

Club Z! Tutoring has been very helpful for my 3rd grade son. His tutor has worked for him for 2 years and seemed to truly understand him and what motivated him to learn. She was always on time, courteous, and willing to answer my specific questions regarding his learning and capabilities.

Jill D.

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