General Science Tutoring – How We Can Help!

Your child will start learning the basic principles of science around 3rd grade and will continue until 12th grade and then into college. A different science area is taught each year and unlike math which builds each year, a new year may cover completely new concepts. Unable to pull from their knowledge base, some students may struggle in one science subject and excel in another which can be very frustrating for them. As parents, keep in mind how different each course is and understand that your child may have aced Biology then is suddenly is struggling in Chemistry.

In general, science requires learning huge amounts of information, understanding and retaining it and then applying it. This is not an easy task for many students. A tutor can help break down science concepts and explain them in an easily understandable way so any student can become proficient in science. Depending on the science subject, our tutors can pinpoint where your child needs help. For instance, in Chemistry, it could be a lack of strong math skills and in Biology, it could be the amount of information that your child is having difficulty retaining.  In either case, the tutor will work on strengthening any weak areas to help you child succeed in that subject.

Club Z! in-home science tutoring provides individualized instruction for all science subjects and skill levels from elementary science to college level courses. We understand that each student has a different need and starting point which is why we develop a personalized plan for each student to help them succeed and gain confidence in their science skills. We also understand how frustrating it can be to not understand certain concepts and to fall behind which is why our tutors are not only experts but are patient and encouraging. Our tutors will assess what fundamentals or concepts were missed and make sure those are covered first to insure future science understanding.

Club Z! science tutors are experienced in working with students in a wide range of science subjects including: Elementary & Middle School Science, Earth Science, Physical Science, Biology, Chemistry, Environmental Science, Physics and Anatomy. We can help with regular, honors and AP courses from Elementary through College Level. Our tutors will help with homework while making sure each student understands the concepts behind the homework as well as teaching the best way to study for tests. Our tutors are passionate in helping develop each student’s skills and confidence to set the right building blocks for current and future subjects.

Don’t let you child struggle in science class anymore! Every student can do well in science with the right help and guidance. Club Z! has helped hundreds of Orange County students in science resulting in higher grades, increased skill level and confidence. Get your child the science help they need with a professional in-home Club Z! science tutor. Call today to schedule your free consultation (949)388-3222. 

Thank you Deb and your tutors for helping my son in Chemistry and my daughter in Physics!  Both of the tutors explained the concepts in understandable ways and figured out the best way to teach and motivate each of my kids. Having the tutors come to our home was a huge benefit as well.  We highly recommend Club Z! Tutoring.

Joan P.

My daughter loved Science until she had to take Chemistry. She struggled with some of the math concepts, was falling behind and losing her confidence. Luckily, we called Club Z and Deb was able to match her with a great tutor that helped bring her grade, knowledge and confidence back up.  Thank you!

Robert S.

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