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At ClubZ! of Orange County we pride ourselves in providing the highest quality tutoring services to ensure you receive the best possible outcome and support to your child’s academic development. We do so by being extremely selective in the tutors we hire (credentials, background checks and personality assessments) and by carefully matching your child’s personality, temperament and academic needs with our tutors. As a result, our parents-clients and students receive best-in-class highest quality service. Here are some REAL (unedited) testimonials we receive on a regular basis from our clients:


  1. Raylene K., Laguna Hills

    Hi Deb, I thought you would like to know how well Hannah is doing as one of your former students. She is at the University of Washington, Seattle which was her first choice. She has been inducted into 2 honors societies and plans to go to Law School. We greatly appreciate the contribution your tutoring agency made by helping her achieve “A’s” in Chemistry and Calculus. We still tell the story of Hannah’s frustration in Chemistry, where she was waxing between a “B” and an “A” and tried to get answers from reading the book and from her teacher at school (who just referred her back to the book). We hired one of your tutors in the last 4 to 6 weeks of school to help Hannah prepare for the final. It was money well spent. Hannah scored the highest grade on the final, not only in her class, but the highest grade out of all three of the teacher’s Chemistry classes and finished the year with an “A” in Chemistry! We are excited that you will be helping our son in his Chemistry and Geometry classes this year.

  2. Mike V, Trabuco Canyon

    What sets this tutoring service apart from others is the time taken to match you up with a tutor who is a ‘best fit.’ Deb, Club Z Director, spent time meeting with me to ask questions about my daughter and her academic needs before assigning a tutor. We couldn’t be happier with the tutor chosen. The ongoing communication with our tutor and Deb is also outstanding. This is a very professional operation.

  3. Shari S, RSM

    Club Z is a wonderful organization! Our daughter Savannah has achieved better math test scores as a result of weekly tutoring. Her tutor is FABULOUS with Savannah; very personable, enjoyable and knowledgeable. She has also provided additional tools for Savannah to practice with between tutoring times. I would recommend Deb and Club Z to anyone looking for a tutor!

  4. Shelley B

    Club Z was a great choice for our daughter! From the initial visit to determine her needs to the weekly tutor visits! I now have a teenager who is much more confident in her math class and has less stress! Our tutor does a great job of explaining why each step of a problem must be completed. He explains everything in such a clear and simple way – explaining before each problem where she is headed and checking for understanding along the way. He always ensures that she knows why she is doing something. That’s been very helpful to her! He is patient and thorough and always on time! He quickly got my daughter on the path to success and did it with such ease. The owner/director (Deb) came out the same day we called and had my daughter matched with a tutor the next day. Deb has followed up to make sure the tutor is a good fit and it’s awesome to have the feeling of care and support from both Deb and the tutor! All I can say is WHAT A RELIEF!

  5. Karean C, Coto de Caza

    Deb of Club Z! Tutoring runs a professional tutoring service that has matched my daughters up nicely with tutors that would best suit their learning styles and subjects. We have been with Club Z! a short time but there has been marked improvement and we look forward to a successful outcome this year!

  6. Eileen E.

    We were so please with Club Z! Deb was very professional with her first consultation and heard all of our requirements for our son’s tutor. She found us the perfect tutor in Danielle! She was always professional, on time and pleasant with our son. She was flexible in covering varied topics. We love her! Price was great for a tutor that came to your home. Would recommend to anyone.

    Eileen E.
    Coto de Caza

  7. Donna R., Coto de Caza

    I highly recommend Club Z! Tutoring. We have used Club Z! for help in both math and SAT Prep. Deb did a wonderful job at connecting my children with tutors who were very knowledgeable in the areas my children needed help with. Club Z! helped bring my son’s SAT score up by nearly 200 points so when it was time for my daughter to take the SAT, we went straight to Club Z!. The tutoring staff really care and want to help their students to be successful. It’s not just a job to them. Thank you!

  8. Tiffany C., Laguna Niguel

    Club Z! has allowed me to have ease in my evenings, bringing a wonderful tutor to help my daughter for the last 3 years. I have no plans of doing without her. I value her as a tutor and as being part of our family. Thank you!

  9. Brenda F., Lake Forest

    My daughter, Niki, was struggling with Alg2Trig and because Deb acted so quickly and got Niki set up with a great tutor, she not only received a B in the class, she also got a B+ in Chemistry which the tutor also helped her in. We also used Club Z! to get Niki help with the SAT’s. With her tutor’s help, Niki improved her SAT score by over 200 points! We are very grateful to Deb for all of her help and I would not hesitate to recommend Club Z! and the tutors on Deb’s team. THANK YOU!

  10. Felicity G., Aliso Viejo

    I researched extensively throughout Orange County for a tutor for my son. I talked with many companies but my final decision was Club Z!. I have used them since my son was in 8th grade and this year he will be a senior. Every year for different subjects I have contacted Club Z! and every year they have provided wonderful tutors. There is always a consistent professional and timely service offered. I would highly recommend this company for any tutoring requests. They director Deb is extremely helpful and knowledgeable. I appreciated her advice and direction for my son’s tutoring needs and knew I could trust her to choose the right tutor and guide us along the correct path.

  11. Carol W.

    I was very happy with everything concerning Club Z! – from Deb the Director to our tutor. Club Z! provided us with a tutor that was punctual,knowledgeable and able to raise my child’s grade a whole letter grade in Algebra2Trig. The tutor was able to identify his areas of weakness and build up his skills in order to perform better on tests. Everyone was professional and easy to communicate with. I will definitely use their services in the future.

  12. Kathy W.

    Our experience over two years was fantastic! We started when my son was in 9th grade and Deb was very responsive to each of our requests and worked hard to match our son’s learning style/strengths/weaknesses with the appropriate tutor. Her communication is beyond excellent and her professionalism the same!

  13. Pam M.

    Club Z! made us feel like we were the most important customer they had; they responded quickly to our request for a tutor for my daughter’s Alg2Trig final and matched the right tutor for her. A great experience all around!

  14. Vanessa K., Laguna Hills

    My daughter’s grades were excellent this semester. A’s in Biology, English and Global, all subjects one tutored helped her with. An A in Geometry and B in Spanish, both subjects another tutored helped her with. In addition, the tutors helped her with her organizational skills and improved her study habits. Thank you!

  15. Jill D., RSM

    Club Z! Tutoring has been very helpful for my 3rd grade son. His tutor has worked for him for 2 years and seemed to truly understand him and what motivated him to learn. She was always on time, courteous, and willing to answer my specific questions regarding his learning and capabilities.

  16. Benji S., Laguna Hills

    My 7th grade son has a tremendous amount of difficulty in math. He is also the type of kid who just can’t learn from anyone. He needs to be engaged in a certain manner for optimal learning and Club Z! was great in helping us find the right fit for him for since 5th grade!

  17. Cathie S., Trabuco Canyon

    Thank you so much for your talented, persistent and competent ACT tutoring for our son. It was exactly what he needed to feel confident in the material and his own abilities. We will definitely be using you again for our younger son. Thank you!

  18. Lisa D., RSM

    Club Z! helped prepare my daughter in both the SAT and ACT exams. Her results came in and she did great! She improved her SAT 150 points from her last sitting and her ACT composite score increased 4 points!! She said she felt more prepared and could concentrate easier than when she took these tests before. The tutor did a great job of preparing her and all the hard work they did together really paid off. My husband and I are very pleased and very happy with her results!

  19. Robert K., RSM

    Dear Deb, We wanted to thank you and Club Z! Tutoring. We just received word that my daughter got accepted into the college of her choice and we know she may not have accomplished this without the help of your company! We thank you for all your help and time over the last several years in Chemistry and SAT tutoring, it is greatly appreciated! I would recommend your services to anyone needing tutoring assistance.

  20. Ana S., Aliso Viejo

    I just want to express my gratitude for all the help that you and your team have given to my son. The tutor that helped my son in Chemistry was so helpful and encouraging. Deb, thank you for your patience and dedication.

  21. Steve F. from Laguna Niguel, CA


    My wife and I want to congratulate you and your cadre of tutors who have shown our daughter techniques for studying and retaining information from her texts and notes, that we otherwise couldn’t have. She started out her sophomore year struggling just to get a 2.6 in her classes. Now, after implementing the strategies and organization skills she learned from all three of her tutors, and applying them to all of her classes this year, we are proud to say her grade point average is now a 3.6! Club-Z works!!!

  22. Ghada from RSM

    Three of my kids each had their own obstacles, and Club Z fit each of their individual needs perfectly!

    My youngest daughter (3rd grade), who struggled in math, also had a hard time focusing during tests, and through the patient and compassionate teaching of her tutor, she has improved immensely since the beginning of this school year.

    My son (9th grade) struggled with organizational skills. My oldest daughter (11th grade)had a hard-time with reading comprehension throughout most of her middle and high school experience, and it wasn’t until Club Z found the perfect teacher who met all her needs that she was able to truly improve in her studies.

    Club Z is an incredible Tutoring service, and it has been a pleasure working with Deb Ku.

  23. Tracy M. from Aliso Viejo

    Hi Deb,

    I wanted to let you know how amazing Club-Z is. You are wonderful! You have done such a great job in matching Fallon with the appropriate tutor.
    The tutor is so patient with my daughter and breaks down step-by-step so she understands the math. I believe it’s because he is an actual algebra teacher and knows how difficult
    it is nowadays for students to get the one-on-one attention from the overcrowded classes at the high schools, today. The tutor has been able to help her in raising her Algebra
    grade 2 levels! She is so proud of herself and so is the tutor. He is very flexible with our schedule. Once again, you have a talent for knowing what each student needs and the expertise
    of matching the proper teacher to each student. We are grateful to have found Club-Z. Thank you so much, Deb

  24. Jessie F. from RSM

    For two years in a row, Club Z! has matched my daughter with the perfect tutors, in math and in Spanish. My daughter’s grade in math improved from a D to an A. We’ve had many tutors over the years, but the Club Z! tutors have helped my daughter the most. The fact that she doesn’t complain about having to meet with a tutor means a lot. She knows how much her tutors help. My only regret is not starting her with the Club Z! tutors earlier.

    My daughter is a high school athlete, so scheduling can be difficult, but Club Z! has managed to accommodate her.

    Everyone at Club Z! has been nothing but professional. I have always been able to reach the office, and any questions are answered promptly.

  25. Julie

    My preschooler had a great experience with our Club Z tutor! Shanie had a great demeanor and a loving style. She was patient and playful…which made learning fun and maximized our session time. Deb, Club Z Orange County’s Owner/Director, was fantastic at coordinating our schedule with Shanie’s and was welcoming every time I had an inquiry. I know that Club Z truly wants to help children and families find success! Thank-you! If the time should come that we need an extra boost in the future, we will definitely give Club Z a call!

  26. July Vislay


    Karli got an A on her last Geometry exam. She has gone from a C- to an A- in the few short months that she has been tutored!! You have a “first class” service; the email and phone communication is amazing; the desire to communicate with the teacher to find out how the tutor can specifically assist the student, and the flexibility in scheduling with our ever changing sports schedule has been great!! Most importantly, the true desire and kindness of your tutors has developed into a warm and easy atmosphere for learning. I can not thank you enough for providing such a great and needed service!!

    Please pass this email on to Yesie as I don’t seem to have her email address. She too, has been so wonderful with Karli!! If Karli gets an A on her final she will get an A in the class!!

    I sent out an email to about 100 of my tennis friends informing them of your service and provided your web link as the point of contact.

  27. Suzanne A

    Club Z has been amazing and exactly what was needed! The ease and comfort of not having to leave your home makes it such a better environment. We described exactly what the weakness was and a perfect fit was sent. Our daughter was able to fill the gap in a short amount of time and with the self confidence needed to take her finals. They have a lot of flexbility and don’t close at 5:00 like a normal business- it was such a positive experience whenever we need extra help.. we always know who to call “Club Z”

  28. Evan M

    Since I first began school, I have always had to fight with my learning problem in the fact I am a differnt learner. In order to try and overcome this, I have worked with many tutors. But no one has taking so much time and effort in helping me understand and learn the information that my teachers want me to learn. I wanted to thank my Club Z! tutor for all her hard work and always going the extra mile with out even being asked!

    Evan M.
    College Student

  29. Brian H.

    Club Z! has made a huge impact on our son’s self-esteem by giving him the knowledge and extra confidence he needed to master his math and science skills. We also appreciated the time saved and convenience of having the tutor come to our home. We would not hesitate to recommend Club Z! to anyone seeking a reliable, in-home tutoring service.

    Brian H.
    Coto De Caza

  30. Corrine G.

    My husband and I are thrilled with our experience with Club Z! In-Home Tutoring Services. We are impressed with the results we are seeing in our son’s Math and English scores and by the professionalism of the people in the Club Z! organization. The tutor assigned to our son is by far the best tutor we have ever had and is the perfect match for our son from a style and teaching standpoint.”

    Corrine G.
    Rancho Santa Margarita

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