English Success With Club Z! Tutoring

The ability to read and write effectively becomes more important with each grade level and are necessities to be successful in life!  Many parents think “Why get a tutor for English?”, I can understand getting a tutor for math or science since they are more complex subjects but I can help my child in English.”  Think again! Once your child gets in Middle School, they will be writing essays and writing responses in all subjects and must be able to express their thoughts effectively, concisely and clearly. Writing starts with reading as we all know the foundation of effective writing is the ability to read, understand and retain complex information quickly.

Club Z! English tutoring provides individual instruction for all components of English at all grade levels from Elementary Reading to AP Literature:

  • Reading Comprehension
  • Grammar Conventions
  • Reading Decoding
  • Vocabulary & Spelling
  • Penmanship
  • Writing Skills
  • Essay structure and content
  • Literature

Club Z! English tutors are experienced in working with students in a wide range of English subjects including:

Elementary Level English

Middle School English

High School English I, English II, English III, English IV

AP Language

AP Literature

ESL (English as a Second Language)

We can help with regular, honors and AP courses from Elementary through College Level. Our tutors will help with homework while making sure each student understands the concepts behind the homework as well as teaching the best way to study for tests and structure essays. Our tutors are passionate in helping develop each student’s skills and confidence to set the right building blocks for future success in their academic and personal pursuits. 

Don’t let you child struggle in English class anymore! Every student can do well in English with the right help and guidance. Club Z! has helped hundreds of Orange County students in English resulting in higher grades, increased skill level and confidence. Get your child the English help they need with a professional in-home Club Z! English tutor. Call today to schedule your free consultation (949)388-3222. 

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    I researched extensively throughout Orange County for a tutor for my son. I talked with many companies but my final decision was Club Z!. I have used them since my son was in 8th grade and this year he will be a senior. Every year for different subjects I have contacted Club Z! and every year they have provided wonderful tutors. There is always a consistent professional and timely service offered. I would highly recommend this company for any tutoring requests. They director Deb is extremely helpful and knowledgeable. I appreciated her advice and direction for my son’s tutoring needs and knew I could trust her to choose the right tutor and guide us along the correct path.

    Felicity G.

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